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Our story


Hey friends,

Thanks for stopping by.  Whether you’re new to rum or have been at it a while like us, we appreciate you tuning in to discover more about our little brand.  The rum journey has been going on for more than two decades for us and we’ve enjoyed every minute.

Our love for travel kick-started our interest in cane spirits nearly 25 years ago.  Laidback trips to the Caribbean opened our eyes to the wide world of rum, the interesting distilleries in which it was being made and the wonderful people who were making it.  Those lazy, cocktail-sipping excursions eventually developed into research trips and the casual interest became a full-blown passion and profession.  We’ve never looked back.

We learned a lot on those early jaunts, but one thing became painfully clear when returning to the States – almost none of those incredible rums were available in our local spirits shops, online or at our favorite cocktail bars.  The Down Island Spirits-Single Cask Rum Series was developed to help solve this problem.  

We are dedicated to seeking out unique, flavorful, high-quality cane spirits from around the world and importing them to American shores for the enjoyment of discerning rum aficionados. Our limited edition bottlings are always presented at high proof and untainted by additives. This is just honest rum.


Mike Streeter (signature)

Mike Streeter

Down Island Spirits Rums